Support Underworld Ascendant !

You have probably have heard about it by now, but Ultima Underworld is making a comeback through the creation of a new game spearheaded by UW’s original Creator Paul Neurath and called Underworld Ascendant.”

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New music for the ears !

As I mentionned in the previous update, we have added some new music tracks to the Media page of the website.

But I wanted to expand more about the tracks we have just released and their place in the game.

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We’re alive, and (mostly) back !

It’s been a while.

A very long while even.

First I can only begin by apoligizing : about a year ago, the website suffered an attack that essentially crippled it, as well as deleting all our media content, meaning everything had to be rebuild, we’ve had a splash page for many months and barebones website for a while, but with no updates, and as Team Leader, the reponsibility is mine for the lack of update.

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NPC Portrait: A Mystic Woman

It’s been a while, but here we are again, back with another update! This time we are happy to share with you another of Andrea’s wonderful portrait. Did I mention before how luck we are to have such a talented artist amongst our team?
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Team Return presents: Character Creation!

Yes you are not dreaming: another Ultima Return update! After sharing one of Andrea’s beautiful portrait last week we are happy to offer you another of Panu “Grotto Dragon” Aaltio’s wonderful theme.
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Serpent Isle is 20 years old!

Hard to believe it’s been 20 years already. It feels like yesterday that I went to the store and bought Serpent Isle and brought it home, just extactic at getting a new Ultima game.
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